Apartment Application

    Resident Application For Occupancy

    Part 1: Applicant Information

    Other Occupants

    Other Occupant 1

    Other Occupant 2

    Other Occupant 3

    Part 2: Residence history for past three years. List current, first, then previous.

    Residence 1

    Residence 2

    Residence 3

    Part 3: Employment for last 3 years. List current, first, then previous

    Employeer 1

    Employeer 2

    Co-Application/Spouse Employment

    Employeer 1

    Employeer 2

    Other Income? (please provide documents)

    Part 4: Vehicle Identification

    Vehicle 1

    Vehicle 2

    Application Fee

    Applicant(s) understand and agree that this application shall not be considered by management until the application fee of $100 is paid. Applicant(s) understand and agree that the application fee is used by management for the payment of processing this application, which includes costs for verifying the authenticity of the information provided and to obtain or otherwise procure information regarding applicant's credit history, criminal background, and rental reference. As such, applicant(s) understand and agree that the application fee is nonrefundable. Applicant(s), by signing this application for occupancy, represent that the information provided herein is true and correct to the best of their knowledge. In the event that management discovers that any information herein is false, resident understands and agrees that management may, at management's sole option, reject this application and immediately rescind any current or future agreement with applicant(s).

    Other Fee(s)

    List and describe: $200 Administration Fee

    Application(s) Release and Authorization

    By signing this application for occupancy, the undersigned applicant(s) authorize management to obtain a consumer credit report and any other information necessary in management's sole discretion to assist in the evaluation of this application for occupancy. Applicant(s) understand and agree that any such information obtained by management may include, but is not limited to applicant's credit history, salary information and history, vehicle records, driver license records, driving history, or any other information. Applicant(s) release management its principals. investors, employees, agents, vendors, the owner(s) of the community or property generally described in this application, and any furnisher or supplier of information related to this application from any and all liability in the procurement use, distribution and possession of all obtained information. Applicant(s) also understand and agree that all information provided in this application and the other consumer reports, to include credit reports, criminal records, evidence of any civil litigation, and civil judgements, records of arrest, past rental history, employment history, salary information/history, vehicle records, driver's license records, driving history, or any other information may be provided to state, local, and/or federal government agencies. Any disposal of information received by management shall be done in accordance with 16 CFR part 682 and N.C. Gen Stat. 75-64, et seq.

    Upon submitting your application, our payment page will open in a new window.

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